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Everyone wants to keep their home safe and secure, and yet it is all too easy to overlook simple things that may compromise your home’s security. We have put together some useful security tips to help you make your home the safest it can be.


These should be fitted with suitable locks and kept shut and locked at night and when you leave the house. Windows that are on the ground floor or that are easily accessible should ideally be double glazed and made from toughened glass, so that they cannot be easily broken. Try to keep valuables out of sight of windows if possible.


Make sure that any external doors are of appropriate thickness and strength and that they are fitted with suitable deadlocks. Always lock the doors, including front, back, side and garage doors when you leave the house, even if this will only be for a few minutes.


You may wish to consider fitting a safe within your home in which to keep certain valuables. This can enhance protection for your valuable items and can be tailored to the size or type of item you wish to secure. Safes range from small, free-standing units to large strong boxes depending on your needs and can be anchored inside a cupboard or secured to the floor, making them impossible to remove without specialist equipment. They can even be made from fire-proof material in order to protect their contents in the event of a house fire.


External security lighting, either activated by a movement sensor or overnight lighting can be a helpful deterrent against intruders. Make sure you regularly check the bulbs and that any sensors are working properly. Internal lighting can also be used to good effect if you are out of the house. You may wish to consider using timer switches if you go on holiday or simply if it will be dark before you arrive back home in the evening.

Intruder alarms and CCTV

These are also a great deterrent, as they can be seen in operation from outside the house, thereby putting off opportunist burglars. Ensure that they are installed by an experienced, reputable company and that they are regularly maintained and serviced in order to keep them working effectively.

Outside space

If you have a garden or any space outside your home, it is important to make sure this is kept as safe and secure as possible. Check any fences or hedging for gaps and always ensure that any side gates and shed or garage doors are locked or at the very least padlocked. The contents of a shed or garage are not only valuable but may also provide assistance to a would-be intruder. For this reason you may wish to consider chaining up or securing items such as ladders and garden tools which could be used to break windows or gain access to your home.

Remember to always secure your home before you leave, or at night, and try to make it part of your and your family’s routine to do so. If you would like any advice on the most suitable locks and further security tips for your home, Fort Locks are here to help.