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Common uPVC Door Lock Problems in Winter

As the nights draw in and temperatures fall, we can start to experience more issues with our locks. Cold weather can affect many types of locks, from frozen car door locks to front doors sticking, but those with uPVC doors may find they have more problems.  

UPVC doors are one of the most popular choices of door for many people due to their quality, value for money and variety of style. However unfortunately, uPVC doors can tend to warp in the UK climate when a cold snap hits. Not all uPVC doors will have this issue, but it is worth keeping in mind that a uPVC door lock replacement may be needed if you start to face difficulties. 

What are the most common uPVC door issues? 

External uPVC doors are the most likely to have problems due to the simple fact that they are the most exposed. Here are a few of the most common issues which can arise from a uPVC door in winter: 

  • Door frame – Colder weather and fluctuating temperatures can cause the uPVC door frame to contract and expand. This can cause the intricate locking mechanism to misalign leading to difficulties in opening and closing the door, as well as locking it. There is a possibility of the door “locking up” and becoming completely stuck and unable to open. 
  • Stiff locks – If you find your uPVC door lock sticking, remember that just as the colder weather can make our joints feel a bit stiff, winter can also cause our uPVC door locks to stiffen up. This can create issues like making it difficult to lock and unlock the door or can even cause a key to break in the lock if forced.  
  • Door handle – The handle itself can also become difficult to use, and if the handle does not work properly it is not possible to lock a uPVC door. 
Person unlocking their uPVC front door

What to do if you have uPVC door problems? 

If your door or locking mechanism is starting to feel a little stiff or something doesn’t seem quite right, don’t ignore it! Continued use of the door can create much more damage, so at the first sign of trouble contact your local professional locksmith in St Albans. A locksmith will be able to identify the problem before it causes too many issues, saving you money in the long run. 

Fort Locks have vast experience and knowledge when it comes to potential uPVC door locking mechanism problems, so we know the best way to approach each issue. Even if the door cannot be opened, we can find ways of “breaking in” without causing damage to the door.  

Door locking issues are not just an inconvenience as they can leave your home vulnerable. It is always better to have your uPVC doors checked by a professional to give you the peace of mind that your home is secure.  

Fort Locks have a no call out fee and are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are facing uPVC door problems this winter. 

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