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Did You Know… 43% of Thefts are Jewellery Thefts

Jewellery can make up some of our most valuable and sentimental belongings, with a lot of jewellery items being irreplaceable if it’s lost or stolen. However unfortunately in 2015, there were almost 200,000 domestic burglaries reported, with 43% of these thefts being stolen jewellery or watches. Crime statistics in England and Wales (year ending June 2019), show that residential burglaries did decrease by 5%. but this figure still sits at 291,816 recorded offences!

Jewellery continues to be the most common items being stolen by burglars in the St Albans area recently, with burglaries in St Stephens and the Camp/Fleetville in the lead up to Christmas.

St Albans Detective Inspector Alex(andra) Warwick said: “We have seen burglaries in St Stephens and the Camp/Fleetville area in particular recently. These are opportunist burglaries with burglars disturbed at one address by an alarm. We continue to patrol current hotspots, previous hotspots and speak to offenders with a history of burglaries, as part of an in-depth plan to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place.”

Read the full statement here.

To combat jewellery theft, police are patrolling current, as well as previous, hotspots for burglaries and speaking to offenders with a history of burglaries. Whilst the police can do as much as possible to try to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place, it’s important that homeowners do their bit to help too. Take a look at our advice to help prevent a jewellery theft happening in your home.

Keep your jewellery out of site

Burglars want to be in and out of a house as quickly as they can to avoid getting caught. Leaving your jewellery out in the open where it can be seen through windows is like an open invite to burglars. By keeping your jewellery hidden in an unobvious place, this will remove the temptation and makes their task more challenging; hopefully they will be unable to find your most precious items.

Store your jewellery in a safe or bank

Installing a safe in your home is an easy but effective way to increase your security. In the event that you are burgled, your most valuable and sentimental items will be protected.

At Fort Locks we are able to install different safes:

  • Free standing safes
  • Cupboard anchored safes
  • Floor safes
  • Strong boxes

Alternatively, you may decide to store expensive or sentimental jewellery outside of your home and in a bank instead.

Invest in home security

Home security systems will act as further protection from burglary and jewellery theft.

You could install motion-sensor lights so that when anyone approaches your home, outside lights will turn on. This will deter burglars and warn you if any intruders are approaching your home.

Installing a visible security alarm will also help to deter burglars in the area and if your house is burgled, it will alert you and your neighbours so you can quickly take action. You may also consider the installation of CCTV around your home.

Having these systems in place will act as deterrents for a burglar scouring the area to find a house to target.

To find out more about our range of domestic security solutions and safe options, contact us today.

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