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The Different Home Security Systems: Which One Is Right For You?

There are many different home security systems on the market today. From intruder alarms to access control systems, the sheer range of security products available can make it difficult to know which options to choose. So, we’ve written a quick run-down of the different types of home security systems, with a guide to their advantages and disadvantages, to help you decide which are suitable for your home and circumstances.

Intruder alarms

An instant way to signal to intruders that you take home security seriously, intruder alarms can act as an effective deterrent, as well as raising the alarm and even contacting the police when triggered.

Best for:
• Individual houses rather than flats in a block
• Homes with insurance that requires an alarm
• Properties where the homeowner may be away a lot

• Reduces the risk of a break-in by deterring intruders
• Helps lower insurance premiums

• Requires installation and regular maintenance
• Can be expensive
• Can be a nuisance if set off by mistake

Outside lighting

Burglars will always prefer dark areas with plenty of shadows to help conceal them; well-lit houses give them no place to hide. So it makes sense that outside lighting will make your property much less attractive to ‘shady’ individuals.

Best for:
• Homes where there is little or no street lighting nearby
• Properties with extensive land surrounding the house

• Outdoor security lighting will help you and your guests feel safer and more secure
• Motion sensors can be used so that the lights only come on when somebody approaches

• Neighbours may object to bright floodlights disturbing them at night
• Running costs can add up


If you’re anxious to know exactly what happens when you’re not around, CCTV is an option you may like to try. Used in conjunction with security lighting and other home security systems, it can be used to provide evidence should a break-in or other crime occur.

Best for:
• Properties where security is a particular concern, such as celebrity homes or houses that contain lots of valuables

• Can be accessed remotely so you can see what’s happening at home, wherever you are
• Visible cameras act as a deterrent to intruders

• You will need to consider your neighbours and their privacy, complying with the law to ensure that their rights are not compromised
• Low resolution images may not provide the quality required to identify a suspect

Access control systems

A common sight in office blocks and other places of work, access control systems provide electronic access to those who can enter a pre-set PIN or swipe an entry fob. Sophisticated systems can even offer biometric fingerprint recognition.

Best for:
• Residential buildings divided into flats
• Office blocks and other business premises

• Access is limited to designated ‘keyholders’
• Easy to reset if security is breached; simply change the PIN

• May be costly to install
• Residents may forget their PIN

Finding out more

If you’d like to find more about any of these different home security systems, talking to a reputable locksmith or security firm is always a good first step. They’ll be able to advise you on cost, installation and practicalities like how to access your CCTV remotely.

Here at Fort Locks, we will be happy to talk you through your decision and answer any questions you may have – just call us free on 0800 052 0922 or contact us online.


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