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Do Security Cameras Protect Homes?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home security, CCTV cameras could prove a deterrent to potential burglars and intruders. But will they really protect your property, and are they worth the expense? Find out if security cameras are a good choice for you. 

Preventing crime 

It makes sense that clocking a security camera might make a criminal think twice about targeting your home. But is that really the case? Consider this: 

  • The camera might draw attention to your home as a desirable target (after all, why would you install CCTV if there were nothing in your home worth protecting?) 
  •  Security cameras can only protect homes if they are fixed securely in place. If burglars really want to target your home, they’re likely to find a way to steal or vandalise the camera. 

Providing evidence 

Many homeowners are intent on gathering evidence to aid prosecution, especially if they have been affected by burglary in the past. However, having a security camera in operation may not be enough to gain the footage needed for a conviction: 

  •  Property owners need to stay on the right side of the law when capturing images. Filming that encroaches on public highways (such as the street outside your house) or other people’s property may in breach of the Data Protection Act – leading to serious repercussions for the homeowner.  
  •  Blurred or unclear images may not provide the clarity you need to identify an individual. 
  •  Cameras may have blind spots that burglars can take advantage of. 

Securing your property 

Although a security camera can be a valuable tool in protecting your home, it won’t prevent access to someone who really wants to get in. Other, more active, security measures may be more cost-effective.  

  • CCTV cameras won’t physically prevent people from entering your premises. If funds are limited, good locks or other types of access control may be a better use of money, acting as both a visual deterrent and a method of physically preventing access. 
  • It’s also worth taking time to keep your home secure through simple measures, such as keeping valuables out of sight and keeping your property locked and well lit. 

Advantages of security cameras 

We’ve looked at some of the negatives of installing CCTV on your premises, but it’s not all bad. In the right circumstances, and used as part of a wider security strategy, security cameras definitely have their place in protecting homes.  

  • Insurance premiums. Installing CCTV could mean you shell out less on insurance. Cameras don’t have to be expensive, so investing in a suitable security camera could be a cost-effective move. 
  • Peace of mind. If you’re away from home a lot, it can be reassuring to check out the CCTV footage to make sure everything’s OK in your absence. 
  • Dual purpose. A security camera can be used for purposes other than home security, acting as a baby or pet monitor too.  

Only you can decide if a security camera is right for your home, but one thing’s for sure: it shouldn’t be the first thing you invest in. Get the basics in place first, with robust locks and secure doors and windows. Once those are in place, any additional security upgrades you make can only be a good thing for your property.  

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