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When it comes to home security, many people don’t think too much about their garage. But as well as being home to one of your most high-value and desirable possessions, your garage could also provide an easy way for intruders to enter your back garden or even your house. Follow our garage security advice to keep your car safe and your home secure.

The weak link

Garages are often used to store a multitude of desirable objects that might catch the attention of an opportunistic burglar. From lawnmowers and other garden machinery, to bicycles and camping equipment, it’s not just cars that are kept within their walls.

But despite the valuable bounty stored inside, garages and outbuildings are vulnerable to break-ins. Less robust than a house and often with poorer quality doors and locks, they are the weak link that intruders are looking for in order to gain entrance.

Garage door security issues

Garage doors come in all different shapes, sizes and configurations. Some garages have multiple entrance points and some have an internal door that takes you straight through into the house. Do an audit of the windows and doors in your garage to work out your security weak points.

  • Vehicle entrance doors might be the up-and-over type, or roller shutter doors. Some are automatic and others are operated manually. Check your garage door security locks to ensure that they are providing the security you need: extra padlocks are a great way to make your external doors more secure.
  • Additional pedestrian entrance doors sometimes provide an extra way to get in and out of the garage. If you normally enter through the pedestrian entrance before opening the vehicle access door, place vehicle entrance locks and bolts on the inside, so that intruders can’t see where they are positioned.
  • Connecting doors from the garage through to the house are a common weak point. As fire doors, they may seem robust and secure, but may not have adequate locks to keep intruders out.
  • Garage windows that can be opened should be fitted with appropriate window locks. If they don’t open, a grille can prevent access. Net curtains or other material can be affixed to the window to prevent people from seeing what you keep inside.
  • If garage security is important to you – maybe because you keep important or valuable objects inside – consider a CCTV system or burglar alarm for extra protection.

Garage security precautions

In addition to securing your garage using locks, alarms and other security measures, it’s important to adapt your habits to lessen the risk of a break-in.

  • If you do keep machinery like power tools and other equipment in your garage, you can make them harder to steal, by fixing them to the wall with brackets. Smaller items can be locked away in safes and steel containers. This may be enough to prevent an opportunistic thief from making off with your belongings.
  • Always lock your doors! There’s no point in buying high-quality locks if they’re not used.
  • Keep keys and fobs with you, on your person.

Need to secure your garage? At Fort Locks we provide a range of domestic locksmith services and advice throughout Hertfordshire and London. Call us on 0800 052 0922 to improve your garage security.


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