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Home Security Tips During Lockdown

Many of us have started to relax our attitudes towards home security as the lockdown period progresses. However, it is important to remember that being at home does not necessarily equate to better protection against crime.

Take a look at our home security tips and make sure that you’re putting them into practice during lockdown.

Lock up

To prevent a potential break-in, ensure that all windows and doors are locked when you move around your home. This includes back doors and side gates as many burglars take advantage of the fact that gaining access to your home through the rear of the house means a break-in is less obvious to your neighbours.

It is particularly important that your house is fully secure at night or when your house is left empty when you go to get essentials or to exercise.

Keep valuables hidden

Regardless of whether you’re at home or not, make sure your valuables are hidden from any potential burglars as this may lure them in.

You may even choose to keep your valuables including jewellery and passports in a secure safe at home too.

Switch up your daily routine

Many burglars plan their thefts by observing their victims’ day-to-day routine. They often observe a home for weeks to learn your patterns and behaviour, such as when you exercise or go to the supermarket.

With the current lockdown situation in mind, it’s very easy to fall into a predictable routine, so, where possible, try to switch up your daily routine by exercising at different times of the day or by going to the supermarket on different days each week.

Invest in security devices

Adding security devices to your home will reduce the chances of a break-in and give you peace of mind.

Consider installing:

  • A security or intruder alarm. Not only does having a security alarm alert you and your neighbours that someone has broken into your house, a visible security alarm is also helpful to deter potential burglars.
  • Outside security lights. These will ensure that your home is well-lit at night, which will deter burglars as they want to stay hidden.
  • A key safe. This should be installed out of street-level view and is a much safer alternative to hiding your keys in an unprotected place on your property.

In challenging times, the safety and security of your home are vital. At Fort Locks, we offer a range of domestic locksmith services in St Albans and security upgrades. For more information on the security measures we have to offer, get in touch today.

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