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How to Feel Safe at Home Again After a Burglary

A burglary is an extremely traumatic experience and with 444 burglaries reported in St Albans between February 2020 and January 2021, many of these victims will feel like their space and privacy have been violated. Whilst the loss of personal items is difficult, many victims struggle more with regaining that sense of security in their own home.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to help protect your home after a break-in. Whether it’s an addition to your home security system or a minor change to your behaviour, take a look at what you should do if you’ve been burgled and some of the ways you can feel safe at home again.

What to do if you’ve been burgled?

If you’ve been burgled, follow the following steps:

  • Make your home secure again – Safety should be your top concern and you must act to ensure everyone is safe.
  • Notify the police and your insurance company – Call the police and your insurance company to report the burglary.
  • Seek support – If you’re struggling with the aftermath of a break-in, it’s important you speak to your family, friends or a healthcare professional about how you’re feeling.
  • Look into enhancing your existing security solutions –When you’re ready, it’s crucial to consider measures to prevent another incident. Improving your home security will also help you feel safer after the burglary.

Change the locks

Changing the locks is an essential step to securing your home if you’ve experienced a break-in. It’s possible that a burglar may have taken a spare set of keys or even made a copy of your keys, so it’s worth taking this precaution to minimise the risk of them returning to your home again. This will also help to put your mind at ease.

Contact a trustworthy, reliable locksmith to get your locks changed as a priority.

Set of house keys on a table

Secure your doors and windows at all times

Whilst locking your doors and windows may seem like an obvious security solution, this can often be overlooked.

Remember to always lock your doors and windows, including back doors and above-ground windows, every time you leave the house. If you have UPVC doors, be sure to double-lock your door by lifting the handle and turning the key.

Install a camera or ring doorbell

Installing a CCTV camera or a ring doorbell means you can check for any activity outside your home 24/7, giving you peace of mind. Even when you go on holiday, you can be rest assured that you can still keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away.

Remember to make sure your security cameras are visible to potential intruders as this can help to deter burglars.

Security camera installed at a house after burglary

Install automated or motion-sensor lights

A well-lit home can help to deter burglars even when the property is empty. Consider installing automated or motion-sensor lights outside your home. Automated lights can be programmed to turn on when it begins to get dark or if the house is empty, and motion-sensor lights will light up the front of your home or garden when someone approaches. Both of these options will help to deter any unwanted visitors and give you peace of mind.

Outdoor security lighting lit up at night

Secure the boundaries to your home

Make sure that the boundaries to your home are protected by sturdy walls or fences. Remember to always securely lock any side entrances to your home and garden, such as gates.

Join a neighbourhood watch scheme

Joining a neighbourhood watch scheme, such as the Neighbourhood Watch Network or OWL Neighbourhood Watch, is a great way to help protect your property and reduce any fear surrounding crime and your home security.

If there aren’t any neighbourhood watch schemes operating in your area, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home, particularly whilst you’re on holiday.

If you’re the victim of a burglary in St Albans, London Colney, Watford or surrounding areas and would like to enhance your existing security solutions, Fort Locks has you covered. Whether you’re looking to simply change the locks or you’d like to find out more about the home security upgrades that are available to you, get in touch today to help ensure you feel safe at home again.

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