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Improve Your Home Security With Key Safe Installation

Where do you keep your spare keys? While the flowerpot in your front garden might seem like a handy spot, it’s one of the first places an intruder will look. If you need to make your keys available to friends or neighbours, a professionally installed key safe is a far better option.

How do key safes help keep homes secure?

Your keys are the most valuable element in your home security; anyone in possession of your front door key can simply stroll into the house. For that reason, it’s vital that you keep them out of the hands of intruders. Key safes are purpose-built to store your keys safely and inconspicuously, so that only the right people can access them.

How do key safes work?

A key safe is expressly designed to keep your keys secure and protected. A strong and sturdy metal box, the unit is usually fixed firmly onto an external wall and can only be opened with a combination code. When the correct number is entered, your trusted friend or neighbour can open the box and retrieve the key.

Uses of key safes

There are many reasons why you might need to use a key safe to keep your home secure.

  • If carers visit your home regularly, they can gain access easily and ensure the house is left secure when they leave.
  • Does one member of your family always seem to misplace their keys? A key safe might be the perfect solution – instead of bringing keys out with them, they can simply use the safe in order to get back into the house.
  • Friends or family might need to get into your house while you’re on holiday, to feed pets or look after plants.

How safe are key safes?

A key safe does what it says on the tin – it really does keep your keys safe.

  • Units installed directly on to brick or concrete are very hard to remove – if somebody did try, they’d make a lot of noise and mess, which would attract a lot of attention.
  • Key safes are made of durable and robust materials, so they’re weatherproof and will protect your keys from the elements.
  • Choose between 4-digit or 6-digit codes. Even a 4-digit code has 10,000 possible combinations.
  • You don’t need to keep the same code forever; combinations can be changed easily and we at Fort Locks will show you how when we install your unit.

Where should a key safe be installed?

Key safes are impenetrable to those who don’t know the number. But that doesn’t mean they won’t tempt an intruder. Keeping your key safe out of sight from the road, and not at eye level, are the safest options to ensure maximum security. We will advise you on the best possible location.

Why choose Fort Locks to install your key safe?

Here at Fort Locks, we have a wealth of experience in home security. All our work is guaranteed, and we are usually able to supply and fit a key safe on the same day that we receive your call.

We stock a wide range of different key safes, including our most popular product, the Master Key safe which has space for 3 keys, a weather resistant shutter and a 4 digit combination.

Why not call us today to help improve your home security? Call 01727 789 509 for more information about our key safe installation and locksmith services in St Albans, London and beyond.

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