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Keeping Your Business Safe

Whether you have an office in St Albans, a shop in Stevenage or a factory in Watford, your business is your livelihood and with cash, valuables and staff to protect, it’s important that you take all the necessary precautions to keep everything safe from intruders. Find out how to keep your business premises safe and secure.

Office security

If you work in an office that isn’t open to the public, your security needs are likely to be straightforward but that doesn’t mean you can be complacent; delivery workers, tradesmen and other people working in the building will still be able to gain access with relative ease. Use these security measures to ensure a safe working environment.

  • An access control system uses digital combination codes or even biometric data to grant entry to authorised personnel only. For added security, change your passcode regularly.
  • ID badges or passes issued to all staff, and temporary passes issued to guests, will help you to identify everyone who enters the office.
  • CCTV positioned at the entrance of your office, and anywhere else that money is handled, will act as a deterrent as well as helping to gather evidence in the event of a crime.

Shops and storefronts

Shops have high security needs due to the volume of cash and the value of the stock on the shelves, which is easily accessible and open to the public. So it’s absolutely vital that your retail outlet is equipped with adequate security.

  • Locked safes will give you somewhere to store keys, valuables and any cash that hasn’t yet been banked.
  • Panic systems can be installed at till points, for use by staff in the event of threats or holdups.
  • High-value stock should be kept in locked cabinets or security tagged.
  • CCTV should be in place throughout the shop, especially in secluded corners.
  • Storefronts should be protected by locked shutters when the shop is closed.
  • Burglar alarms will notify you of any breach of security after hours. You could choose an alarm that makes direct contact with the police or a security company.

Factories and warehouses

If you have a factory or warehouse, these are likely to contain a large amount of stock and other assets. You’ll need to put security measures in place to protect your property from theft and trespassers.

  • Warehouse locks should be strong and robust, with deadbolts securing all exterior doors.
  • Padlocks can protect the area outside the warehouse, discouraging access through gates or fences (but these must also be suitably strong, or intruders may simply force entry).
  • CCTV is essential at the perimeter of your property, as well as inside the building.
  • Consider employing security guards to patrol the property out of hours.
  • Safes should be used for cash and valuables on the premises.
  • Employees should use keyless entry lock systems and should be made to clock in and out, so that you are always aware of who is in the building.

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