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Many people in Borehamwood commute into London and there can be no worse feeling after a long train journey home to realise you have left your keys on your desk in EC1! No need to panic, though; your local emergency locksmith, Kevin, is just a call away, so if you have done the unthinkable and locked yourself out, help is very much at hand. We will need to ask a few basic questions to ensure you are the householder, but of course, these are for your own protection; your security is our priority.

Kevin, Fort Lock's locksmith in Borehamwood

No call out fee

We understand that getting locked out of your home is a huge inconvenience, which is why we do not charge a call out fee for our services. In addition, we provide free site surveys and security reviews to make sure you feel safe and secure in your home. We provide a quote in advance so you know what costs to expect, and you can take comfort in the knowledge that all of our work is guaranteed.

When you get your keys back, think carefully

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You may feel, when you are reunited with your keys, that your security has been compromised. In that case, we would encourage you to change your locks, because it is better to be safe than sorry. Many people are under the impression that locks in UPVC doors and windows can’t be replaced, but this is not the case. Call your local locksmiths for an assessment of the needs of your property – don’t worry, you won’t be landed with cumbersome replacements; in fact, in some older installations, the new locks may be even nicer to look at than the originals. Where possible, you may like to consider digital access control locks. If there are a number of people who need access to the property, these are often a good choice because it prevents there being loads of sets of keys wandering about loose, waiting to get lost. Call us to get the best locksmiths in Borehamwood on your case.

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Locks can just get old and stick

If you are finding it hard to get your key into the door or have to go through a whole rigmarole just to get the door open every day, it is probably time for a change of locks. Fort Locks® is a local locksmith company run by Kevin Carloni, covering Borehamwood. We will be able to come and assess and quote for the job, so that your locks will run smoothly again with our 24/7 hour emergency locksmith service without any added call-out charge. Your security is important to us and no job is too small, so don’t worry if you only have one or two doors that need attention. We are also happy to attend commercial properties so if you are in charge of security, give us a call to discuss your requirements – remember the digital option; it works particularly well in a commercial application.


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