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Our Top Home Security Tips for a Safe Christmas

While the Christmas season can be one of the most fun and exciting times of the year, unfortunately, burglary claims peak during this time. In order to protect yourself and for your security, read on to discover our top Christmas safety tips for your home. 

1. Make sure your locks are secure

The first and most important Christmas Safety tip for residential security is to make sure your locks are secure. There is no point securing the rest of your home if a burglar can get in through the front door. It is important to use a reliable domestic locksmith who stays up to date with the latest equipment to safeguard you and your home.  

2. Protect your home 

It sounds obvious, but thieves know that many people go away over Christmas so it is important that your home is secure in case you fall victim to a burglary.  One of the biggest safety tips of all is to make it seem like you are at home. This can be done with timers on inside lights or sensors on your outdoor lights. 

To make sure your home is extra secure, you could also consider fitting an intruder alarm to deter burglars and give you peace of mind whilst you are away. 

Whilst you are out over Christmas it is also advisable to keep your wrapped presents out of sight from windows. Flaunting gifts insight of passers-by can increase your chance of being burgled. 

3. Be aware of package theft 

As well as protecting the inside of your home, it is also important to take measures to prevent package theft, especially if you have done your Christmas shopping online! One way of doing this is to fit a doorbell that has a camera on it so you can monitor your deliveries. Alternatively, you could consider getting a secure package box on your doorstep so your deliveries can be stored safely until you can retrieve them. 

4. Be mindful of what you share on social media 

Whilst it can be tempting to share gifts that you have given or received from friends and family over Christmas, if they are expensive, it may be best to keep them offline during the holiday season. Showcasing expensive gifts or your travel plans on social media can make you more vulnerable to theft over the Christmas period.  

5. Keep in touch with your neighbours

Staying in contact with your neighbours can also be a good way of preventing burglaries in the winter. It is always handy to have someone looking out for your home whilst you are away over Christmas. Having a tight-knit community in your local area can also give you a sense of security and peace of mind. 

Securing Your Home at Christmas 

Taking some measures to add extra security to your home during the holiday season can save you from serious problems and upset. Even just applying a few of these quick tips could deter a burglar.  
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