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Security Tips for Single Living

Are you one of the 7.7 million one-person households in the UK? One out of every 3.5 households in the UK is occupied by just one person, over half of whom are women. Whether you’ve just moved out of the family home or have found yourself living alone following a bereavement or divorce, it’s understandable that you may have some concerns about security. After all, statistics show that a single person home is more likely to be targeted by burglars. Here are our top security tips for single living to help you feel less vulnerable and make your home more secure.

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Create a support network

Knowing that you have a good support network around you will help to allay any insecurities you have about living alone. It’s sensible to cultivate good relationships with one or two trusted neighbours who can keep an eye on your property when you’re not at home, or come to your aid if you need help. Make sure close friends are aware of your regular routine and will raise the alarm if, for example, you don’t check in with them by a pre-arranged time. In our digital age, they don’t even need to be physically nearby; with smartphones, we can be in contact in an instant. But a word of warning, don’t inadvertently advertise when you’re away from home on social media – a live video on a night out or, worse, a running commentary of your holidays could alert a burglar to a potential opportunity. Restrict updates on your movements to personal messages with trusted friends or family until after the event. 

Make your home appear occupied even when it’s not 

It’s an unpleasant thought, but burglars frequently monitor a home or neighbourhood for some time in order to gain an insight into the occupants’ habits and learn to spot the tell-tale signs of an empty home. Throw them off the scent with some really simple and inexpensive measures such as timers to switch lights on and off or close curtains, or control them with an app from your phone. Security cameras connected to your phone allow you to check in from anywhere and will make you feel less apprehensive about finding a nasty surprise on your return home.

Secure windows and doors

Burglars prefer an easy way into a property so make yours less inviting to them. Deprive them of the shadows they like to work in by installing outside lighting and ensure your window and door locks are up to standard. Have a professional domestic locksmith conduct a security review and carry out any upgrades that may be necessary such as replacing uPVC locks or installing an alarm system or CCTV. At Fort Locks® we don’t charge any call-out fees and we provide advice and free written estimates on every aspect of home security. Check out our full range of services or get in touch

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