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Summer Home Security Tips

With warmer weather and lighter evenings just around the corner, our minds are turning to barbecues, sunbathing and… summer home security. At this time of year, there are some particular security risks that all homeowners need to be aware of. Follow these home security tips to keep your property safe throughout the summer.

Shut your windows

In the hot weather, people often leave their windows open throughout the day and night. While a cool breeze is a welcome antidote to stifling summer heat, it’s important to be aware that burglars will be on the lookout for easy points of entry. Always shut your windows when you go out, and consider installing window restrictors (which stop the window from opening all the way) if you want to leave them open at night.

Keep valuables out of sight

Many burglaries are opportunistic, spurred by the sight of something tempting. It’s important to keep valuables like cash, keys, jewellery and hi-tech gadgets out of sight all through the year, but in the summertime, when the evenings are lighter, there’s often more of an opportunity for people to see inside your home far later into the night.

Monitor your home from the garden

On a sunny day, many of us can spend hours in the back garden, without paying attention to what’s happening in the house. It’s on days like these that open windows and unlocked doors can be easy pickings for burglars, who can be in and out without you knowing they were there. Be aware of this security risk and consider a CCTV or alarm system that will monitor and alert you to any break-ins.

Pack away ladders and tools

Summer is a prime season for gardening and DIY, but the equipment you use could be tempting to burglars. Ladders could help them access the first floor of your home, while lawnmowers and other tools could be pinched by opportunists if you don’t lock them securely away after use.

Don’t let them know you’ve gone away

Most people enjoy a trip away during the summer months, so this is a prime time for burglaries. Eagle-eyed intruders are likely to spot obvious signs that your property is unoccupied, such as a build-up of post or milk bottles, an empty driveway and an unlit interior. Ask a neighbour or family member to make regular checks on your property while you’re away, dealing with the post, putting the bins out and even parking on your drive. Consider investing in a timer system that will automatically turn on the lights and other electrics, making it look as if there’s somebody in.

Be social media savvy

After making all that effort to secure your home while you’re not there, don’t give the game away by checking in to a far-flung destination or posting your holiday snaps publicly on social media. Wait until you’re back home before posting, or at the very least make sure your security settings don’t allow anyone but friends to see what you’re up to.

React promptly

Even when all reasonable security measures are taken, burglars will sometimes gain entry. If you’ve experienced a burglary and need to secure your home, it’s important to act quickly. Find out what to do when you’ve been burgled.

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