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The 5 Biggest Home Security Myths

Don’t believe all you hear about home security. Find out the truth about keeping your property safe from intruders, as we debunk some of the biggest home security myths. 

We won’t get burgled in a ‘safe’ neighbourhood 

It’s common to think, “That’ll never happen to me”. This is a myth that’s especially tempting to buy into if you live in an area that seems ‘nice’, or is statistically less affected by crime. But the truth is, you are not immune to break-ins just because of where you live. Don’t be complacent about your safety; if your home isn’t sufficiently secured, it’s vulnerable to intruders – whatever your postcode.  

Home security isn’t worth the expense 

Many people are reluctant to invest too much money in home security features like burglar alarms, CCTV or even new locks. You might reason that you have nothing worth stealing, so it doesn’t make sense to spend money on preventing a break-in.  

However, the cost of a security system may well be offset by reduced home insurance premiums. More importantly, securing your home is about so much more than protecting your material goods; families who have experienced a burglary will know all too well what it’s like to feel vulnerable in their own home. You can’t put a price on feeling secure, and home security features will provide that all-important peace of mind.  

My dog is all the security I need 

Man’s best friend has offered protection and security to human families for thousands of years. Just having a dog in the house makes us feel safer – and it’s true that the presence of your dog may well make burglars think twice about approaching your home. However, relying on the family pet alone for security may leave your home at risk and could even put your dog in danger from unscrupulous intruders. The best protection is a combination; by all means warn intruders to beware of the dog, but back up your deterrents with solid security measures to stop them from entering the building. 

Burglars won’t find my hidden key 

Do you keep a spare key somewhere outside your property, just in case of an emergency? However clever you think you’ve been in hiding it, the chances are an experienced intruder will know where to look. Common hiding places like doormats and flower pots are a big no-no, but even less obvious spots could easily be uncovered, especially if someone is watching the house. The best approach is to avoid keeping a key anywhere outside your property. Instead, entrust a spare key to a neighbour, or invest in a secure key safe

The more I spend, the safer my property will be 

One of the biggest home security myths surrounds the amount of money you need to spend in order to secure your property. It’s a common misconception to think that bigger is always better, but you don’t need to shell out thousands on the latest technology.  First and foremost, good quality locks combined with some common-sense habits will provide the basic level of security that’s needed to keep burglars out. 

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