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The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

Thousands of businesses and non-commercial facilities across Hertfordshire have embraced access control technology over the past few years. Bringing an added level security to your premises, these clever systems ensure full control over access, permissions and protection, bringing you and your business peace of mind at all times.

Thinking about having one installed? Here’s everything you need to know about Access Control Systems:

What is an Access Control System?

Access control systems refer to an electronic security system which typically use an identifier to authorise access to certain areas. Such systems are capable of registering who accessed which areas and when, providing valuable data to track how your facility is being used throughout the day.

Access Control Systems come in many formats, including;

  • Digital locks
  • Push-button locks
  • Intercom systems
  • Automatic door openers
  • Fob locks
  • Biometric Identifiers

What sorts of businesses require an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems benefit any type of business that is looking to limit access of certain areas of the facility to specific individuals.

Hospitals, schools, universities, country clubs, government buildings, serviced office spaces, apartment buildings are just a selection of the sorts of businesses that this might be important for, but really, they are beneficial to every industry!

What are the Benefits of an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems give you far more control over your buildings security than any other key system. Here are some of the benefits of installing an Access Control System:

Restriction to Certain Areas

There are very few buildings that offer full access to all employees, mainly due to safety and privacy reasons. For example, the finance team may store confidential information and documents about clients which should not be readily available to all staff members. Access control cards allow an organisation to grant permissions to only those who require access to that specific space, making it easier to keep valuable information protected.

Entry Records

Access control systems record and store data on those entering the building, where they go, and at what time. Should the necessity arise, this data can be used to easily identify any breaches and the potential culprits.

Greater Reliability and Less Admin Than Keys

It isn’t particularly challenging for someone to copy a key, so you can never fully know who has access to your facility. The only way to guard against this is to regularly change your locks, but this is both time consuming and expensive.

Equally, if a staff member misplaces a key, you are forced into replacing the locks to make sure the lost key can’t be misused. You then need to distribute new keys to everyone who needs access to that door.

Access control systems negate against both of these scenarios, giving you the ability to disable/enable card access manually and on demand.

Breadth of Access

Access Control Systems can be integrated with more than just doors. The technology can be used to open barriers, turnstiles, gates and more. Not only can they secure the inside of your facility, but the outside too.

Multi-Location Access

Access Control Systems can work across multiple facilities, making it simple for businesses to grant staff access to various locations without the need for several keys.  

Cost Effective Facility Management

Access Control Systems can be integrated with many other technologies, including heating and lighting systems. This enables you to monitor footfall and identify specific areas that need to be lit, heated or cooled at any specific point. Over time, this will help to reduce energy costs and efficiency, as you can pick and choose which areas to heat and when.

Looking to have an Access Control System installed at your facility? Speak to our experts operating in St Albans, Hertfordshire and we’ll work out the best option for you.

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