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Top Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Most of us are lucky to live in a pleasant area with an active and thriving local community. However, as in any town or city, security concerns are always an issue. Here are some top tips to help keep your home secure.

Get into good habits

Most burglaries are committed by opportunists, who will see an open window or unlocked door and take their chances. So, even if you’re only popping out for a few minutes it’s important to get into the habit of always securing your home, every time you leave the house:

  • Shut all windows
  • Lock all of your outside doors – front and back
  • Avoid keeping spare keys in obvious places. Under the doormat, attached to the letterbox and behind a plant pot will be among the first places an intruder will look.
  • Don’t leave valuables, or anything else that might tempt a burglar, in plain sight.
  • Put away ladders and any other objects that could be used by a burglar to gain access to your property.
  • Keep a light on if you go out for the evening, so that it’s not obvious that there’s nobody in.
  • Ask everyone with a key to your property, whether they live there or not, to do the same.
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Invest in security devices

Whether it involves fitting robust locks or installing CCTV at your property, adding security features to your home can greatly reduce your chances of a break-in and thus keep your home secure.  Homes that are obviously well secured will be less attractive to opportunists – and if burglars do try their luck, your security measures will make it harder for them to get in, and easier for them to be caught.

Consider installing:

  • A home security alarm. Burglar alarms send a very visible message to intruders that your home is protected, reducing the likelihood that they will target your property. There are many options available to homeowners, including systems that will notify you (or the police) if the alarm is set off.
  • Key Safe out of street level view. These tough boxes are protected by a 4 digit code and can be installed professionally by Fort Locks.
  • If you’re worried about unsavoury characters hanging around outside your property, or want to find out whether anyone has been scoping out your home, CCTV will show you exactly what happens on your property when you are not around and will help to keep your home secure. You can decide where to place the cameras, monitoring areas inside or outside your home. Modern security cameras can be very sophisticated, offering high-resolution images and night vision modes.
  • Motion sensors. The most effective security measures can sometimes be very simple. An outside light that detects motion and switches on when triggered can be a strong deterrent to intruders who do not wish to draw attention to themselves.

Get into the community spirit

By working together, communities can make their neighbourhood a safer and more pleasant place, helping to keep your home secure. Find out if there is a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area and get involved in preventing local crime.


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