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Have you ever been on Google Street View just to have a nosy at your home, or to do a bit of sightseeing?

Did you know you can now use Google Maps to look inside buildings?

Well, now we have a Google tour of a van. Kevin Carloni of Fort Locks® has allowed Google to have a sneaky peek inside his van in what we believe is the first-ever Google tour of a locksmith’s van! We know it’s not the White House or 10 Downing Street, but it’s fascinating nonetheless, and a brilliant insight into the workings of a modern-day locksmith.

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So what can you see on the tour of Kevin’s van?

From the back doors of his van, first of all you can see how clean and tidy it is – top marks, Kevin! You can also see the main selling point of the van – a professional, experienced locksmith doing his thing. The van is lovely and spacious and provides ample room for Kevin to carry out his work. As Kevin doesn’t always know what to expect on his call-outs, he carries essential equipment with him at all times.

Step inside the locksmith’s van and you can have a nosy at the equipment that locksmiths use to help people back inside their homes or offices, to change the locks, and help them improve their home’s or office’s security.

Straight ahead, behind the van’s cab, are two machines. These are key cutting machines which Kevin uses to provide customers with spare keys. He can cut these in his van, which means he doesn’t have to go back to base every time someone needs a key. He can also provide mobile key-cutting services.

You can see the lights above these machines. These are essential for his 24-hour a day service. The light switch you will see, is to the left of the side door.

Spin right and you will see an array of tools, such as a floodlight, which helps Kevin carry out his job even in the darkest of nights. He also carries a couple of saws, and an electric drill with a wide range of drill bits. The boxes contain electrical bits and bobs required when repairing or servicing CCTV and alarm systems.

Spin back round to the left and the side wall is home to the very essential set of extending ladders, and some very well organised tool caddies, or ‘Kevin’s magic boxes’. These contain an assortment of bits and bobs which could come in handy when Kevin is securing a compromised property, or installing a safe in your home or office.

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On the counter is a very handy vice, which serves a variety of purposes, some of which, according to Kevin, are ‘top secret’.

Spin on to the rear of the van, and there is Kevin ready and waiting with a selection of keys. This is the man you get when you call Fort Locks®.

What we want to know more than anything though is what is stored in the drawers below the key-cutting machines. It could be secret tools which give Kevin his competitive advantage, an array of key blanks ready to turn into your next replacement key, or maybe his hidden stash of biscuits. Who knows?

We hope you found this Google tour of a locksmith’s van informative and enlightening. If you have any questions about the work of a locksmith, please contact Kevin here at Fort Locks®.


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