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When Should I Change the Locks?

Whether it’s fixing a leak or bleeding the radiator, owning a home can involve a constant parade of duties and responsibilities. So when it comes to home security, you may be wondering, “When should I change the locks? Can I get away with just leaving it?” Unfortunately, this is one task that you need to prioritise. Here are some situations when it’s definitely time to call the locksmith.

You’ve just moved in

When you move to a new property, it’s not secure until you change the locks. Until you do, there could be a number of unknown people out there, all with a key to your new home. If you don’t change the locks, the previous occupants, their family and friends, and potentially your new neighbours, could all access your property simply by turning up with their old front door key. We recommend you get new locks as soon as possible after moving in. Call a local domestic locksmith who will be happy to help.

You have new tenants

Renters are just as vulnerable to intruders as homeowners; but landlords don’t always change the locks between tenants. Do the right thing for your tenants and ensure that your property is kept secure, by changing the locks every time you say goodbye to a lessee.

You’ve had a break-in

If someone breaks in to your house, it goes without saying that you’ll need to secure your property as soon as possible. Whether or not your locks have been forced or damaged, you should change the locks immediately after a break-in to make sure you are not vulnerable to further intrusion, as well as carrying out any necessary repairs. Choose an emergency locksmith with a 24-hour callout service.

Locks are worn or damaged

Are your locks getting old and worn? Or perhaps someone had to force the door after getting locked out, causing damage to the mechanism? If so, it’s time to change the locks. Don’t wait until it’s too late; at the first sign of damage, your locks are susceptible to forced entry.

Keys are lost

Lost your keys? It’s more than just an inconvenience; it could be a security risk. Once you’re happily back inside your property, you could be tempted to simply copy your neighbour or partner’s key and carry on as usual. However, there’s a chance that your lost key could fall into the wrong hands, leaving you open to intruders. Whether your key was genuinely lost or deliberately stolen, you should change the locks to make sure they can’t get in.

Someone has moved out

If you’re saying goodbye to a lodger or housemate, it’s a good idea to change the locks once they’ve moved out. Even if they have given back their key, they may have given spares to friends or family, who no longer have any reason to access your property. If you’re parting on bad terms, it’s especially important to change the locks.

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